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MyBiosource was formed to simplify and meet the needs of researchers on a global scale. Our company is headquartered in San Diego, California, where the company has continued to expand, playing an essential role in the bio reagent marketplace by providing a one stop shopping site for a vast variety of research tools, used in both academic and commercial labs. Researcher's needs are routinely matched with a growing portfolio of high quality and relevant products, including ELISA kits, monoclonal, polyclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins for many highly sought after targets. MyBioSource offers custom solutions to ELISA assay or protein production requests, offering a combination of excellent quality and affordable pricing for both catalog and bulk sizes. Our operations experience in worldwide distribution facilitates a rare opportunity in today's bio reagent market to purchase directly from MyBioSource, without the additional expense of a third party. Alternatively, a network of international distributors is available for researchers who prefer an option to order locally. Today's position of MyBioSource in the research community, as a key and respected resource for laboratory reagents in the global marketplace, stems from a product portfolio containing over a million standalone products, along with a reputation for reliable, knowledgeable and excellent customer support.


Antibody-Adviser is a non-profit association developing a unique platform to enable fast and efficient information sharing on any antibody used for research. At Antibody-Adviser, we aim to make scientist's life easy and we are really proud to improve the laboratory experience! Antibody-Adviser was created in 2011 by a team of experts in Biology and Computer Science. ©